Inspection Services

Quality Control Inspections
AGATS offering a wide range of quality control inspection by verifying the quality of the product against predetermined specifications to check the product conformity                                                   
AGATS Quality Control Inspections services offered through five types of inspection 

1.    Pre-production Inspections
2.    During Production Inspections
3.    Quality Control Inspections Services
4.    Pre-shipment Inspection
5.    post-shipment inspection
Pre-shipment inspection, 
AGATS help governments and private businesses to assure their import revenues and to minimize the risk of counterfeit or illegally imported goods.  a pre-shipment inspection checks the quantity and quality of the merchandise, the products for any defects Ensure products meet the safety requirements of the destination market, Issue report for import and billing.
Our pre-shipment inspection services include:
•    Dimensional inspection
•    Documentation review
•    Packing and marking checks
•    Visual inspection
•    Witness tests
•    Witness sample measurements in factory
•    Verifying the number of packing cases and marking against contractual specifications
•    Checking for appropriate handling during loading
•    Checking the stowing, fastening and wedging on the means of transport